Phil Neville welcomes Cristiano Ronaldo back to Manchester United…

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United fans are trying to stay as level headed as possible over these Cristiano Ronaldo rumours but just like every year we’re all getting swept up in them.

That being said, some are clearly getting more excited than others. Step forward Phil Neville who has decided to jokingly welcome Ronaldo back to Man United on Twitter.

Rein it in, Phil.

It’s crazy how quickly the Ronaldo rumours have accelerated since Friday but I guess that is what happens when the world’s best player in Ronaldo is linked with a return to United under Jose Mourinho. I mean, it doesn’t get much bigger than that really.

The cynic in me is seeing this as nothing more than a smokescreen from Jorge Mendes and Ronaldo’s representatives to deflect attention away from his tax fraud allegations. The romantic is seeing it as the best chance United have had to re-sign a player nobody wanted to leave eight years ago. Eight years ago, it’s mad, and Ronaldo is still at the top of his game just like he was when we sold him.

Phil is getting over-excited now but he won’t be the only one if these rumours and reports continue to gather pace and intensify over the coming days.

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