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From Spain: Jose Mourinho not interested in signing Cristiano Ronaldo

by Sam Peoples

Jose Mourinho is not interested in pursuing Cristiano Ronaldo this summer from Real Madrid and is instead focusing on signing Alvaro Morata, reports Marca in Spain.

Marca journalist Carlos Carpio reports that Ronaldo’s price, which could be anything ridiculous like €200m, and his wages mean Man United would really have to want Ronaldo without question to go after him. That’s not what Mourinho wants do according to Marca for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, Mourinho’s somewhat tetchy relationship with Ronaldo is cited as a blocking point for the move but crucially the point about Mourinho distrusting whether Ronaldo has ever had any intention of leaving Real Madrid is the crux of the article. It’s something we’ve all thought about as fans and whether or not this is just a PR ploy from Ronaldo and his entourage to leverage more power against Real Madrid.

Mourinho’s main target instead? Alvaro Morata.

That’s absolutely the right thing to do by Mourinho. United shouldn’t be ignoring other targets to pursue a pipe dream of re-signing Ronaldo but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to see him re-signed, nor that I feel we shouldn’t be looking into it at all.

However, it’s about prioritisation and the concept of making sure our move for Morata is more important than any wild goose chase for Ronaldo is the smart decision.

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