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Fabinho asked what Man United shirt he’ll wear next season

by Sam Peoples

Fabinho has been speaking live on Brazilian television on Friday and the channel decided to do a Q+A session where fans sent in their questions for Fabinho to answer.

Unsurprisingly, Manchester United cropped up as a topic and Fabinho was asked what Man United shirt he would wear next season. He responded, smiling, by saying: “At this moment, I’m a Monaco player.”


Damn. We were all hoping the veil would slip but Fabinho knows what he’s doing, especially after commenting directly on the United rumours only the day before where he said he’d like to play under Jose Mourinho and openly admitted an offer would be tempting.

I know some transfers are usually pipe dreams but Fabinho to United makes sense on almost every level. Fabinho wants the move crucially and we need a new defensive midfielder who can also pass it out from the back – ticks in those two boxes and the fact he can operate happily as a right-back is a massive bonus.

Reports at this stage are contradicting themselves with some suggesting United have agreed a €35m + €5m performance bonuses deal with Monaco, while others say a minimum of €45m is needed to lure the Brazilian away from Monaco. So, fans are just hoping this isn’t more hot air and that Fabinho really is on United’s radar because if he isn’t, he’s certainly enjoying fuelling the rumours.

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