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Ryan Giggs explains why he left Manchester United

by Leo Nieboer

Ryan Giggs has explained why he left Manchester United in 2016, noting that he didn’t have much choice after not receiving an offer from incoming manager Jose Mourinho to stay on at Old Trafford.

The Welshman retired as a player in 2014 and joined up with Louis van Gaal and his team as assistant manager for two seasons.

He left the club along with the Dutchman in May 2016 following a 2015/16 hallmarked by uninspiring, turgid football and has not returned to any form of management since.

And Giggs, speaking to M.E.N, noted that Mourinho had no interest in keeping him at Old Trafford, bringing his own managerial staff instead.

“There was no offer from Jose Mourinho. No offer. It was my choice to go,”he said.

“As soon as Louis was going I had made my decision to go.

“I had done two years and I wanted to do three years under Louis. It didn’t happen. That was my plan to do my three years and see what happened after that.

“Unfortunately, that was cut short. It happens. That’s football. But I didn’t really feel I could go on at the club in any other capacity apart from manager.”

There was always a part of me that wondered throughout the Van Gaal era, especially during the last year, whether Giggs was happy with the way things were.

How could it be that somebody who, during his 24 years with the first team, embodied self-expression and mesmerising, bamboozling flair – a kind of on the ball movement that screamed out freedom and attacking verve – better than anyone else happily sit there as this Frankenstein-esque demagogue imposed a style and way of thinking that was not just alien to United but indeed English football and common sense itself?

You sense that those two years were, whilst helpful for the coaching process, extremely testing on a human, interactional level – something that will help him once he does enter management once again. But you can understand why, after two years of ‘The Proschess’, he hasn’t re-entered the dugout in any way, shape or form for over a year.

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