Inter Milan ask Manchester United about Anthony Martial being part of an Ivan Perisic deal

by Sam Peoples

Inter Milan have enquired about the availability of Anthony Martial to be part of a deal which sees Ivan Perisic join Manchester United.

Sky Sports report that because Man United are continuing to fall short of Inter Milan’s £48m valuation of Perisic, the Italian side have brought up the possibility of Martial being part of any move which sees Perisic go to Old Trafford.

How can I say this politely and professionally? I don’t think I can because the concept of Martial being involved in any move for Perisic is completely laughable.

Martial is worth more than Perisic is on his own, let alone him being involved in any deal, and Jose Mourinho has absolutely no intention of letting the French attacker leave this summer. He might not have had a barnstorming season under Mourinho but he is a supreme talent and I’ve got every confidence we’ll see his first season form come back next year, so the concept of him leaving is pure madness.

Inter can continue to dig their heels in over an inflated £48m price tag on Perisic as they squeeze as much money out of United for the Croatian winger but they won’t be getting anywhere near to signing Martial, so they may as well knock that on the head straight away.

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