Jose Mourinho admits Zlatan Ibrahimovic could play for Manchester United again

by Sam Peoples

Jose Mourinho has admitted Zlatan Ibrahimovic could play for Manchester United again after revealing he may stay at the club.

Ibrahimovic was released by Man United after we chose not to renew his contract due to his injury but the Swedish striker is using our training facilities to rehabilitate himself, meaning he is still in and around United.

When questioned about Ibrahimovic, Mourinho chose to be honest and said the possibility was there for a new deal to be agreed once Zlatan has recovered from his injury in January.

He said: “Possible, it’s open, of course we wanted to be honest and open and let everything for him to make the decision.

“At the same time let’s make a decision that makes us all happy and if that is for him to stay and for us to wait, let’s say in December maybe, because I don’t think before December he can get back to competitive football but why not wait for a player who gave us so much, we are changing ideas and it’s with Mr Woodward and Zlatan’s agent but the final decision is the best for the player.”

As soon as I heard Ibrahimovic was using Carrington as his base to recuperate from the cruciate ligament injury which forced him to undergo surgery, I said I thought we could see Ibrahimovic play for United again and Mourinho has confirmed this now.

What an ideal situation it could be for United for somebody like Ibrahimovic to join United in January. It could be an incredible impact addition into the squad at a crucial time when fixtures begin to pile up.

Of course, there is always the chance it won’t happen but what has become publicly clear is Mourinho’s desire to keep Ibrahimovic at the club if he can. Whether or not Zlatan would want the same remains to be seen.

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