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Jose Mourinho explains Marcus Rashford’s role at Man United this season

by Tanveer Arayan

Jose Mourinho has explained Marcus Rashford‘s role at Manchester United this season, dismissing the possibility of dropping him into the number 10 role.

He played in the playmaker fole during his academy days with the arrival of Romelu Lukaku this season, many thought he could be playing elsewhere on the pitch.

However, Mourinho has already talked about the possibility of Rashford and Lukaku starting in a strike partnership as he doesn’t believe the Englishman has the qualities to play behind the striker.

“I don’t think Marcus is a number 10,” Mourinho said. “I don’t think so. I think Marcus is a pure attacking player, he’s not a player with that quality to play between the lines, to assist, to move and create, I don’t think Marcus is that.

“I think he’s an attacking player who can play in a two or one, he can play besides, can play everywhere, he’s a good working way to if you demand a little bit more defensively, he can play together with Lukaku.

“If he can play with Zlatan in the same team he can play with Lukaku, no problem.”

Rashford has already shown us this pre-season that he’s kicking off the new term with a point to prove, after playing on the wing for the majority of last season.

He has spoken about playing alongside Lukaku in a pair, and it seems Mourinho shares the same thoughts as we could see it in action during the pre-season.

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