Vincent Kompany: Romelu Lukaku believes he is the best in the world

by Leo Nieboer

Vincent Kompany has spoken out about Romelu Lukaku’s transfer to Manchester United, noting that his Belgian teammate has the right mentality to succeed at Old Trafford.

The 24-year-old completed a £75m move to Man United from Everton earlier this month and claimed his first goal against Real Salt Lake City earlier this week.

He then went on to terrorise Kompany and Manchester City’s defence on Thursday night with a spectacular goal during a 2-0 win.

And Kompany, who came through the same academy as Lukaku, noted after the game that the striker could be a hugely important addition for Jose Mourinho.

“I want him to do well – except for in a few games this season,” he said. “As long as we’re ahead of them, I’m happy for him to do really well.

“The one thing you get when you have Romelu is an incredible drive to improve and to score goals.

“It’s something really unique that I’ve been able to observe over the years because he’s been a player from Anderlecht, which is the same youth system where I come from and I’ve really followed his progress.

“The key thing with him is he believes he’s the best player in the world.

“It doesn’t matter whether he is or he isn’t, that’s the way he approaches every single training session, that’s the way he approaches every game.

“If you think you are the best you can never really be satisfied with yourself and therefore you always keep working harder and harder and that’s what he does.

“It’s a special player to have, but there will be a lot of competition this season.”

To hold the conviction in your head that you are indeed the greatest on the planet is not just a useful mental tool for playing at this level; it is absolutely necessary.

Anybody leading the line for a club of United’s stature cannot have even the slightest shred of doubt in their minds. This is what served Zlatan Ibrahimovic so well last year. Football, as is the case with most walks of life, is mastered not on the pitch but in the mind.

And Lukaku, with 118 goals over the last seven years, has every reason to be brimming with confidence as he embarks on the biggest of stages next year.

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