Manchester United fans delighted with David de Gea’s penalty shootout performance against Real Madrid

by Leo Nieboer

Manchester United fans were quick to heap praise on David de Gea as the Spaniard made two impressive saves during their side’s 2-1 penalty shootout win over Real Madrid on Sunday.

The Spaniard couldn’t do much about Casemiro’s powerful strike from the spot to bring the scores level after 69 minutes, which took the game to what turned out to be a hilarious penalty shootout.

He guessed correctly to paw away efforts from Mateo Kovacic and Oscar Rodriguez as only three players out of ten managed to successfully convert from the spot.

And supporters were quick to heap praise on the 26-year-old for steering their side to a fourth successive pre-season victory.

Seeing De Gea deliver more pain to Madrid, just 24 hours after Jose Mourinho confirmed he would not move to the Bernabeu, is an experience every Man United fan can enjoy.

Madrid brought out a youthful side for the second half and performed energetically, deservedly finding a route back into the game to force the contest to spot-kicks. But as the players limbered up for this pointless episode of cameraderie there was an unquestionable sense of foreboding: De Gea was going to once again calmly foil foil Madrid, wasn’t he?

The last three years have held witness to the Spanish giants unsuccessfully squabbling over the Spaniard, and this was just another chapter – an albeit inconsequential one – in that long, never-ending story.

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