Somebody tell Sky Sports how much Romelu Lukaku and Victor Lindelof really cost…

by Sam Peoples

Sky Sports. Once upon a time they were the gospel of transfer news. Unless it was on Sky Sports, it wasn’t worth bothering about but I think it’s safe to say those days are in the past.

Now, Sky Sports are a parody of breaking news because, well, it’s never breaking by the time Sky Sports get hold of it. Their mysterious sources (Twitter) just aren’t quick enough any more, Jim White’s little birds are always a step behind and by the looks of it, it’s not just breaking news they struggle to stay on top of.

I was watching Sky Sports News tonight and noticed something a bit strange when Manchester United’s ins/outs transfer screen popped up:

Romelu Lukaku cost £90m? No he didn’t, he cost an initial £75m. That could potentially rise to £90m overall if all the add-on bonuses are met but to say he cost £90m is simply false.

It’s not just Lukaku either. Victor Lindelof cost £39.5m? No he didn’t, he cost £31m.

Madness. How can somebody as established as Sky Sports be allowed to get away with complete misrepresentation of numbers just to build the hype over the transfer window and get their totaliser that little bit higher for Jim White to get excited about.

It’s shocking misrepresentation to meet their own needs rather than reporting the facts which is the opposite of what a news outlet should be doing.

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