Manchester United unwilling to pay over £90m for Gareth Bale – report

by Leo Nieboer

Manchester United will not shell out any more than £90m for Gareth Bale this summer, according to reports from Spain.

Jose Mourinho, despite expressing public interest in the Welshman, recently ruled out making any advances for the winger this summer after he featured for Real Madrid in the UEFA Super Cup.

But reports have claimed that the 54-year-old, behind the scenes, believes he can still sign Bale over the next few weeks, urging the Man United hierarchy to launch a £100m bid. 

According to Spanish outlet Diaro Gol, however, the club is not prepared to offer any more than £90m for the winger, although Madrid plan to sell him for much more than the initial £86m paid for him in 2013.

Conflicts of interests between manager and board rarely receives enough attention. This is, after all, a highly charged relationship not too dissimilar to, say, the head of a branch in a particular business answering to company executives. Both parties bear the same name but often want different things.

And this could be the case with Bale. Mourinho knows that the Welshman would be the perfect answer to his demands for a different kind of winger ahead of the 2017/18 campaign, while the hierarchy probably feels that doing business with Madrid, especially in such an inflated market, could end up rendering United the long-term losers.

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