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Cristiano Ronaldo could still leave Real Madrid this summer – report

by Leo Nieboer

Cristiano Ronaldo could still complete a move away from Real Madrid by the end of this summer’s transfer window, according to reports.

The Portuguese sent ripples across the footballing world earlier this summer after it was revealed that the 32-year-old, amid allegations of tax fraud, no longer wanted to play in Spain.

He later decided to remain in Madrid but curiously noted during a court hearing that he wanted to play in England.

And according to Spanish media outlet El Pais, Ronaldo’s future at the Bernabeu is far from certain, although Jose Mourinho has made it clear that United would not bid for the superstar this summer.

Fresh rumours of a potential move away for Ronaldo stem from a recent five game ban imposed on the forward for pushing the referee after wrongly handing him a second yellow card – minutes after he scored a sublime goal and took his shirt off – against Barcelona in the Supercopa.

The point, I guess, is that Ronaldo will not leave Madrid for footballing reasons. He loves being king at the greatest club side in the world and has enormous respect for Zidane. Any move away, therefore, would be prompted by the Spanish authorities sticking their nose in his business and pushing him around too much.

He was obviously sent to court for a reason, and this recent five game ban is mandatory for any player who pushes a referee. In England, you’d miss six games.

But Ronaldo isn’t having any of this. When the Portuguese screams “injustice”, he isn’t implying that the punishment sent his way is wrong, but rather that he, the King, is above punishment, and I don’t know whether to love or hate him for that.

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