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Jose Mourinho explains why Manchester United are evolving this season

by Leo Nieboer

Jose Mourinho has noted that Manchester United are now evolving as a football club after three years of stagnation under David Moyes and Louis van Gaal.

Man United endured their worst season of a generation under a hapless Moyes, who was sacked in April 2014 after stumbling to seventh spot in the Premier League.

Louis van Gaal claimed the FA Cup during his two year stint in charge but was dismissed following a 2015/16 campaign hallmarked by the most turgid style of football seen at Old Trafford in living memory.

But Mourinho, following a year at the club, believes a new identity is being forged at the club after a prolonged period of inertia.

“There was an evolution in the other clubs; there was no evolution in this club. In all the areas that make a team successful I think we stopped in time,” he said.

“That was quite an empty period in the club with no evolution in areas that are important. It was the weight of the past on the shoulders of the players, managers, even boards, even probably owners, because when you are used to win and win and win, and suddenly you stop, it’s like a heavy burden.

“Today, we have better working conditions, a better medical department, a better analysis department, a better scouting department, a better media department, and in many cases we did it without changing the people, which is quite important.”

Moyes was simply too incompetent to ever guide United forward, while Van Gaal could never really engender a style that his players or supporters ever truly believed in. He was, in many ways, football’s version of Frankenstein – a crazed scientist whose work serves as the architect of his own downfall.

Under Mourinho, however, a clear plan forward is being laid down. How successful it will be is anybody’s guess, but for the first time in the post-Fergie era there is a sense of identity forming at Old Trafford. This is no longer a side struggling to cope with the aftermath of their greatest era; this is a Mourinho team.

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