Marcus Rashford produces scintillating performance against Stoke City

by Leo Nieboer

Marcus Rashford produced another powerful goalscoring display during Manchester United’s 2-2 draw with Stoke City on Saturday.

The youngster, fresh from scoring against Leicester City and Slovakia, claimed Man United’s equaliser at the Bet365 Stadium after Paul Pogba‘s header bounced off him and into the net.

He continued to press Stoke’s back three and made plenty of headway against Kevin Wimmer when moved to the right hand side in the second half.

And his numbers from the game illustrate just how potent he was going forward for Jose Mourinho.

United were rightly accused of lacking penetration last season, and Rashford, perhaps more than anyone, has quickly rectified this notion over the last few weeks. His goal – while totally accidental – was an example of somebody whose confident streak in front of goal draws them into the right positions at the right time.

His first half battle with Chelsea loanee Kurt Zouma was fascinating: the youngster stretched the Frenchman to breaking point on several occasions and Stoke had to rely on the brilliance of Jack Butland to keep them in the contest.

The second period saw him enjoy even more room, and he was a live wire throughout, turning with power and purpose. The final product wasn’t there, but make no mistake: Rashford is in an effervescent mood.

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