Andreas Pereira responds to Jose Mourinho’s criticism of his loan move to Valencia

by Leo Nieboer

Andreas Pereira has insisted that Jose Mourinho‘s disapproval of his loan move to Valencia serves as a positive reflection of how he has performed over the last year.

The Brazilian initially claimed he wouldn’t seek another loan move over the summer following a promising spell with Granada last season.

But Pereira eventually joined up with Valencia on a season-long loan with no option to buy – much to the disappointment of his boss – and produced an enterprising display on his debut against Atletico Madrid.

And the 21-year-old, in response to Mourinho’s comments, was quick to stick by his decision to leave on loan and noted that his manager’s frustration illustrates the progress he has made in recent times.

“It did not hurt,” he said. “I talked to him before coming here. On the one hand I’m happy because he loves me and if he didn’t think I was a good player he would not have wanted me to stay. So I think on the bright side.

“If I thought negative it might hurt, but for me it’s a good thing. I talked to him before coming here and I want to work hard and stay all year. I’m focused here.”

Pereira added that he wasn’t aware of a clause in his loan contract that enables Man United to recall him once the January transfer window opens.

“I do not know,” he said. “That is something between clubs. I was told I was going to play here for a year and I want to be here for a year. I do not know about that clause.”

You have to admire the midfielder for going against the wishes of his manager – and most United supporters – in the interests of his career.

He knows that minutes on the pitch matter more than anything at this stage in his career. Last season’s spell Granada showed that. And who can blame him for wanting to play 30 games a season rather than ten? Time will reveal that Pereira, through joining such an exciting, young La Liga side, did indeed make the right decision.

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