Photo: Proof that Nemanja Matic has been the signing of the season

by Leo Nieboer

The idea of Chelsea selling Nemanja Matic to Manchester United so soon after they prized Romelu Lukaku from under their noses was simply ludicrous.

Why, after all, would Antonio Conte sell a player with two Premier League titles to his name and in devastating form to Jose Mourinho – a man who has enjoyed success before with the Serbian – a few weeks before the new season began?

Well, the Italian is probably asking himself that. Every night. Matic has made a truly scintillating start to life at Old Trafford, steamrolling opposition midfielders and breaking through the lines with elegant ease, yet none of this should come as a surprise.

The Premier League’s best signing of the transfer window? I’ll let the below stats answer that question for me.

Look at that face. Look at those eyes. No sane man should ever contemplate coming within a five yard radius of Matic’s imposing frame. Most players who have done that this season have merely bounced off him. If he was to ask for a free bonus no deposit casino uk, he’d get one. Matic is the general.

He has the face of a man whose actual profession is killing the most dangerous people on the planet, Navy SEALs style, only for some strange mix-up has culiminated in him playing as a defensive midfielder for United. But he doesn’t actually know that.

There is a kind of largeness – a sense of over-sweeping, emphatic reach and control – to the 29-year-old’s game that sets him apart from your conventional, work-your-socks-off Premier League midfielder. He combines brute strength, total awareness and sublime control into one silky, ruthlessly effective cocktail of midfield brilliance that has underpinned the controlled, powerful way United have started the season.

Now just think: he cost less than Gylfi Siggurdson. Gylfi Siggurdson. He is already starting to look like the steal of the summer.

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