Alberto Moreno names three strikers he’d rather have over Romelu Lukaku

by Leo Nieboer

Liverpool full-back Alverto Moreno has insisted that he would prefer Sergio Aguero, Harry Kane and Alvaro Morata over Romelu Lukaku.

The Belgian has been an effervescent force up front since arriving over the summer for £75m, netting 11 goals in just ten games.

And he is currently topping the Premier League charts with seven goals while the aforementioned trio have six to their name.

But Moreno, when asked whether he would prefer Lukaku over Aguero, Kane or Morata, responded: “No, no and no. On all three cases, no.”

“When people get upset about this, we’re not saying Lukaku’s not going to score goals for Manchester United. We’re not saying that he is not going to be a very good player for Manchester United.

“But what we are saying is that Kane is superior, what we are saying is that Kun Aguero at his best is better than Romelu Lukaku.

“And what we are saying is that Alvaro Morata, on what we have seen, and potentially what we could see, is a more-complete player than Romelu Lukaku.”

I see that Moreno has conceded the fact that he can’t actually defend and, as such, will now try to stop opponents through a different method: snide remarks ahead of big games. This will almost certainly be more effective than what Liverpool fans have witnessed this season.

More broadly, though, this type of chatter – while enticing – isn’t important. Why do we have to rank strikers and suggest which ones we would prefer?

In real life, it doesn’t work like that. Not really. Aguero works brilliantly for Manchester City; Kane is the perfect striker for Mauricio Pochettino; Morata is adapting seamlessly to life under Antonio Conte; and Lukaku is a Mourinho player right down to his core.

They all work in different ways under different systems. Comparing them, on reflection, kind of misses the point. But nice try, Alberto. I’m sure Lukaku wants to pack it in now.

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