Tony Gale: Nemanja Matic is the Premier League’s best midfielder

by Marwan Harraz

Former West Ham player Tony Gale has claimed one of Manchester United’s midfielders is the best in the Premier League in that position.

The former footballer was on Sky Sports News and believes the Red Devils have the best midfielder in the division in Nemanja Matic.

While most people would assume United’s best player in the engine room is Paul Pogba, Gale thinks that title should go to the Serbian instead.

Both Matic and Pogba have been paired for the majority of the season and are clearly Jose Mourinho‘s go to men in the middle of the park.

Their partnership has been a strong reason for the club’s great start in Mourinho’s second season in charge.

According to The Sports Review, Gale said: “I’ll go for Matic [as the Premier League’s best midfielder] because simply he’s made the biggest difference.

Obviously there are more creative central midfield players around and everybody will go to the flare ones.

But in terms of the importance to Manchester United, he’s the one for me. And believe it or not, although he does give that defensive solidity to them in front of the back four, he can see a pass as well.

Because he’s six-foot four, maybe a little bit gangly, people don’t think he’s got that ability, but he has. So for me, it has to be Matic.”

Tony may have some truth to his bold words. Although the Premier League boasts plenty of talented and skilled midfielders such as Kevin De Bruyne and Eden Hazard among others, Matic stands out.

His transfer was met with excitement from Manchester United fans and groans from Chelsea fans as they knew just what they were losing in the Serbian.

Capable of shielding the defence, intercepting and tackling, the midfielder’s former days as an attacking midfielder has also helped him string passes together and get past his man if need be.

However, Gale isn’t talking just about skill but also about impact and there’s a reason why Nemanja has walked straight into United’s starting XI.

Not only has he affected games positively for the Red Devils but he also allows the rest of United’s attack, especially Pogba, the freedom to focus on creating and finishing chances.

For that reason it can be argued Matic is the Premier League’s most influential midfielder and at the heart of most of Mourinho’s plans.

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