Ray Wilkins: Nemanja Matic has been an absolute revelation at Manchester United

by Harry Robinson

Ray Wilkins has reiterated his amazement that Manchester United managed to sign Nemanja Matic for just £40m from Chelsea in the summer transfer window.

The Serb has been thoroughly impressive since his move from the Premier League Champions, being one of Man United’s most important players this season.

His positional discipline and excellence in deep areas has allowed the necessary freedom to Paul Pogba, Ander Herrera and even Marouane Fellaini to really flourish in this United side.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Wilkins questioned, “why did Chelsea sell him at £40m?

“I’ve no idea, I really have no idea whatsoever. This guy has been an absolute revelation at Manchester United.

“He’s allowing everybody to do their jobs and do their jobs a lot better. His stature is at six-foot-four and he just allows people to do their job.”

With Pogba, the Frenchman was allowed to roam freer thanks to Matic’s presence. The same can be said for Ander Herrera, who is covered when he charges forward on a typical ill-disciplined one-man press.

For Fellaini, Matic allows the Belgian to do less defensive work, thus getting further forward and reaping the rewards with four goals this season, including a brace against Crystal Palace in the league.

Matic has been one of the signings of the summer and has completely solidified United’s midfield, which now has very few issues.

The real challenges are coming up with games against Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea in the next four weeks. Matic will be judged once more on his performances in the ‘big games’.

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