Gary Neville reveals Sir Alex Ferguson’s hairdryer came out most at Anfield away for Manchester United’s players

by Harry Robinson

Sir Alex Ferguson was at his most tense ahead of Manchester United’s away games at Anfield facing Liverpool, former-captain Gary Neville has revealed.

The Scot’s famous ‘hairdryer treatment’ would come out most regularly in the Anfield dressing room, before, during and after games against Man United’s main rivals.

“He was always more intense,” before games against Liverpool and Manchester City, Neville said to Sky Sports.

“He was different going into the big games and to be honest with you, the most consistently angry that I saw him.

“People talk about the hairdryer and it never happened that much to be honest with you during a season, but the most consistent place you would see it was Anfield – at half-time or the end of the game.”

Neville revealed Anfield was the biggest display of emotions for Ferguson, who saw his United side win on 11 occasions at Anfield in 27 years in charge.

“He could not stand losing at Anfield – and if we won there, it didn’t matter how we played – it was like the best thing in the world.

“The worst I’ve ever seen him consistently was at Anfield if we were losing at half-time or at the end of the game.

“He’d sit there unmoved in the dressing room at the end of the game while everyone was getting showered for 25 minutes. Just not moving.”

That kind of attachment to winning and losing is the same seen with all top managers, and Ferguson was the best of the best.

Jose Mourinho has frequently shown that kind of emotion managing United and other clubs, and it’s what fans want to see; a manager that genuinely cares deeply about the big games.

Neville was no stranger to that kind of emotional attachment himself, and as a player, it’s vital to have the manager sharing that.

However, it’s also important for managers to later stress that a loss in a big game isn’t season-defining, or doesn’t have to be, and can be bounced back from.

Hopefully Mourinho will have to do no such thing come the weekend with United in fantastic form going into their biggest league game of the season.

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