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Manchester United’s Ander Herrera to sign new contract under Jose Mourinho – report

by Marwan Harraz

Spanish international Ander Herrera is reportedly set to sign a new contract under Jose Mourinho‘s management should the club get over it’s little hiccup.

According to Club Call, the Red Devils aren’t giving any indication of not extending the player’s contract and have simply stalled talks temporarily.

Mourinho is a well known admirer of the tenacious midfielder and it’s unlikely that he’ll allow Herrera to leave the club at all, let alone for free.

Ander’s contract ends this summer but many expect the extension to be completed before the January transfer window comes around.

While no domestic clubs can sign the former Atletico Bilbao man until later next year, he’s free to talk to foreign clubs once the New Year comes around.

Barcelona have reportedly been sniffing around for any possibility of signing Herrera but the midfielder’s infatuation for his current club is well known to supporters.

Countless compilations of Ander’s crazy celebrations and passionate interviews have been circulated all across the news several times.

The playmaker is clearly a fan favourite and Jose once praised him as being one of the most intelligent players he’s ever managed.

A huge compliment given the history of players the Portuguese tactician has been involved with during his time at Real Madrid, Chelsea, Porto and Inter Milan.

Herrera’s agents are reportedly bemused at the lack of action taken by the club but it’s likely to be a stunt to receive more money.

With United in good form, Mourinho will want to get this matter dealt with quickly in order to quell any distractions from the club’s player of the year last season.

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