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Park Ji-Sung: Andrea Pirlo was the best in the world

by Marwan Harraz

Former Old Trafford hero Park Ji-Sung paid his respects to Andrea Pirlo as the Italian retires from football.

The South Korean once man-marked Pirlo into oblivion during Manchester United’s match against AC Milan, leaving many pundits to claim it as a stroke of genius.

Sir Alex Ferguson was the one who tasked Park to Andrea with many managers copying the tactic after it’s successful implementation.

However, Ji-Sung praised the former Juventus man who many idolised for his composure on the ball and eye for a pass.

Pirlo surely would’ve made an excelled player for United under Sir Alex Ferguson‘s stewardship but with Paul Scholes in his ranks, there was no need to sign the former central midfielder.

Park told Goal: “He was not a big player physically, but his ability in passing, taking free-kicks, shooting from distance, play-making was the best in the world at that time.

“I believe he was a great player who could dictate the game. He was the biggest threat to any team who played against his team.”

He was certainly a big enough threat for Sir Alex Ferguson to consider as AC Milan’s danger man and had it not been for Ji-Sung’s tireless work, the result may have been entirely different.

Andrea was also in praise for the man who many claimed had three-lungs for his energetic displays that won many United fans over.

The Red Devils and Jose Mourinho would surely love a player in a similar mould to the heroic South Korean.

A useful tactical chess move and a huge squad player, Ji-Sung’s influence on United’s glorious, trophy laden days cannot be underestimated.

Mourinho can rely on Ander Herrera to carry out the same job but it’s fair to say that the Spaniard just doesn’t do it as well as Park did.

Perhaps fans may yet see the former winger back at Old Trafford once again in an ambassadorial role much like club legend Bryan Robson.

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