Mino Raiola: For Romelu Lukaku, racism has always been a problem

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United’s star striker Romelu Lukaku has had to endure with racism throughout his career according to Mino Raiola.

The clinical forward has had his stature complimented on by pundits and experts alike as his strength and power has allowed him to score plenty of goals in his career.

It appears since a young age the Belgian has been stronger than his peers with some families questioning the player’s birthday as he blasted in numerous goals against opposition teams who were smaller in stature.

According to his agent, even Lukaku’s nationality was questioned, much to the player’s mothers frustrations.

Racism in the footballing world is nothing new unfortunately as the FA currently battle a case in the England woman’s department.

According to Swedish paper Expressen, Raiola said: “Many people in sport think like that. I give a name, for example a Dutch player. Their first question is whether he is black or white. I ask what the hell does it matter?

“Do you think this happens in American sport? Scottie Pippen, is he black or white? Who in hell cares? Can he play basketball? Can he play soccer? For Lukaku, this has always been a problem.

“I was talking to his mother. Eventually she went to youth matches with birth certificate. She always ended up with other parents who did not think he was 12 or 14 years old.

“It was always a fuss that he scored three or four goals. He was bigger and physically strong, yes. But they screamed that it was not in the right age. So she took the birth certificate.

“He was born in Belgium, but they spread false reports he been born in Africa. ‘Here it is’, she said.”

With his country qualified for the World Cup in Russia, Lukaku may have to endure more racism in the form of chants.

The Eastern European country is notoriously known for it’s fans unacceptable behaviour and officials will certainly look to crack down on anyone promoting such nonsense.

Romelu though will be keen to create some history with his Belgian teammates and compete for one of football’s most prized possessions.

Former Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney once said he’d trade in all his trophies for just one trophy with his country.

This is what is on the line for Lukaku and his teammates and with a good squad mix of experience and talented youngsters, Belgium will look to light the World Cup on fire.

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