Paul Pogba sends Manchester United fans a message ahead of injury return

by Leo Nieboer

Paul Pogba has sent Manchester United fans another message as he continues to recover from an injury sustained last month.

The Frenchman, having claimed two assists and two goals in his first four games, picked up a hamstring injury against FC Basel and could be out until after the November international break.

Jose Mourinho has been unable to shed any light on Pogba’s progress as the Frenchman continues to work on his recovery with his physiotherapist team in the United States.

But the 24-year-old has taken to social media with a message to Man United fans that his return to action is coming soon.

There is a feeling amongst supporters that, following three underwhelming attacking displays in a row, United’s season will only get back on track once Pogba returns to the starting XI.

The difference in United’s midfield performances with and without him is nothing short of staggering. That fluidity, confidence and seamless bridging between defence and attack, giving Mourinho’s men a constant air of menace, is simply not there in any capacity without Pogba on the pitch.

But the bottom line is that the ebullient atmosphere surrounding the squad which hallmarked their superb start to the season has started to fade, and supporters will just hope that Pogba’s return engenders a change of mood within the side. This is a man who, along with raw talent, bring happiness to the pitch, and sometimes you need that more than anything.

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