Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United can’t play attacking football, claims Paul Scholes

by Harry Robinson

Paul Scholes has claimed the Jose Mourinho‘s Manchester United side cannot play attacking football, but has hailed their winning ability.

Mourinho’s men made it 37 home games unbeaten at Old Trafford on Tuesday afternoon with a 2-0 victory against Benfica.

Yet the Reds hardly blew away the Portuguese champions, and needed goalkeeping fortune again as they did in their 1-0 victory in Lisbon two weeks ago.

“I think they’re in a position where they brought a manager in to win games and win trophies and ultimately now win the league,” Scholes said on BT Sport.

“After four years, the club isn’t in a position to determine how they win the league or have a challenge for the league.”

Scholes went on to say that he believed this team simply don’t have the ability to play the kind of football some people want to see.

“We know we’d all like to see brilliant attacking football, wave after wave of attacks,” he said. “But I don’t think this team is possibly capable of that and I don’t think that’s the way this manager does it.

“He’s first and foremost a defensive coach. If he wants to set up in a way that will stop the other team playing and winning games he’ll do that.

“We have to accept his style of football as many clubs have done and he’s very successful at doing it.

“United have to challenge for the league. Over the last four years they haven’t done that and now this season they’ve won a lot of games – okay, it hasn’t been brilliant football.

“I’m just happy that they’re winning games. Second in the league, challenging for the league. After four years there comes a point where philosophies have to go out the window.

“It’s all about winning now. It’s all about winning the league title, challenging for the league title, and maybe that’s why he doesn’t stay around at clubs for too long.”

Former-United teammate Dimitar Berbatov, sitting alongside Scholes, echoed the Englishman’s sentiment.

Most United fans would agree with Scholes at this stage. Louis van Gaal promised beautiful football with his ‘philosophy’ and simply ended up with dull possession-heavy football and poor results. David Moyes delivered neither good football nor good results.

Mourinho’s habit of winning is rather more to United fans’ tasting.

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