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Jose Mourinho discusses the prospect of making return to Stamford Bridge

by Leo Nieboer

Jose Mourinho has once again made it clear that his return to Stamford Bridge as Manchester United manager should be viewed as just another game.

The 54-year-old endured a nightmare return to Chelsea last season, suffering a humiliating 4-0 defeat, before being edged out 1-0 with ten men in the FA Cup back in March.

But he will head to his old stomping ground with every right to be confident against a side with only two league wins at home all season.

And Mourinho, speaking at a press conference ahead of Sunday’s clash, was clearly determined to play down the narrative surrounding his return.

“It’s not a big thing to return to Chelsea: it’s normal, it’s football, it’s professionalism,” he said.

“It’s football life one day you are in one club and then you are in another club it’s a big thing because it’s a big opponent.”

“A match between two top teams but the emotional point of view it’s just one more. I played there with Inter and twice with Manchester United.

“I have to admit it is a little bit different but in the end I want to win like I did with Inter. They want to win like they did last season and it’s just one more day.

“In a couple of years we will be even more natural and in even four or five years people will not remember I was Chelsea manager and it will become normal It’s just because i left a couple of years a go.

“But it’s a big match because they are champions and we are Manchester United.”

Mourinho went to Stamford Bridge last October with a team still shaking off the lobotomising effects of the Louis van Gaal era and was duly swept aside by an impressive Chelsea performance.

In March, with his side riddled with injuries but very much adapting to his methods, they went toe to toe with the champions despite being reduced to ten men in the first half. This was, by all accounts, a typical Mourinho display but one punctuated by a numerical disadvantage.

And now, over a year later from that capitulation in West London, he will travel to Chelsea with a squad he can firmly call his own: militantly organised and disciplined, powerful and hard to beat.

And with Chelsea encountering a difficult patch without the injured N’Golo Kante and Alvaro Morata going through a dry spell, there won’t be many better opportunities to address United’s awful record at Stamford Bridge.

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