Roy Keane lays into Jose Mourinho for getting distracted by criticism

by Harry Robinson

Roy Keane has told Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho to “shut up and get on with your job”.

The Portuguese United boss has complained recently about a number of issues; injuries, the Old Trafford atmosphere, critics in the media and more.

It’s part of Mourinho’s campaign to create an “us against the world” mentality at Man United, which is what he’s done every club he’s been at, and often led to divide between him and the players, or fans, or board.

“My only concern about Mourinho is that he seems to be distracted by the so-called critics out there,” Keane explained on ITV Sport.

“He is probably paid eight, nine or ten million pounds a year so focus on your own job. Rise above that. He should be better than that, but he seems to be easily upset.

“Shut up and get on with your job. You are getting very well paid for it.”

Many United fans will agree with Keane. For while it does appear and sometimes that Mourinho is frequently criticised simply because his name and United’s name get reads, and interest, it’s also true that without Mourinho bringing these issues up every game, they would be far less often discussed.

As with most issues in football, United fans will accept this if United are winning. As soon as results start to stutter, as seen at Mourinho’s time with other clubs, things can fall apart if you create this mentality.

Hopefully, Mourinho can continue to keep results good and trophies coming in and make what he says irrelevant.

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