Mark Clattenburg: Positive shift of attitude from Jose Mourinho

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has been praised by former Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg for his recent behaviour.

Mourinho has previously been in hot water with the authorities on several different occasions during his spells at several different clubs.

It seems almost like wherever Jose goes, trouble follows but he’s recently received a rare compliment from Clattenburg.

Known for tirelessly hounding referees and being unafraid of receiving match bans or fines for his comments, the Portuguese tactician hardly ever holds back from what he wants to say.

His past behaviour has often meant he’s even more scrutinised than other managers but will be happy to hear some positive news.

Mark wrote in the Times: “There have been a few bad decisions in the past couple of weeks but what is interesting is that, in general, managers haven’t been blaming referees.

“It’s a real shift. Both José Mourinho and Jürgen Klopp blamed their players for defeats last weekend when often the emphasis is placed on the officials. Let’s hope the trend continues.”

Liverpool’s Klopp is another manager who is also known for his ‘in your face’ approach to referees, fourth officials in particular.

However, Jurgen often escapes any sort of consequences due to his normally friendly and bubbly persona in comparison to Mourinho’s harsh nature.

It is perhaps unfair but Jose has indeed behaved of late, maybe the United board have had a quiet word with him about his actions and it has, in turn, sparked a change.

Sir Alex Ferguson was also another manager who got in trouble once or twice for his comments on a referee’s performance after matches but he was also far more respected at Old Trafford than Mourinho is because of his legacy of course.

Blaming referees can also be a good distraction after a manager’s players have hugely underperformed and perhaps that was the tactic Jose was going for.

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