Paul Ince: Jose Mourinho was right to criticise Manchester United fans

by Marwan Harraz

Former Manchester United star Paul Ince has backed the club’s current manager Jose Mourinho after his comments towards his own side’s fans.

The Portuguese manager is locked in an escalating situation with fans at Old Trafford in the most bizarre outburst of his United career.

Mourinho is known for creating a ‘us vs them’ mentality for all his teams but it’s strange that he’s included United’s fans in the latter group.

Some have speculated that Jose is simply preparing to leave the club and is destroying his relationship with supporters in order to aide the getaway.

Recent flirtations with PSG weren’t welcome either but Ince believes that the manager’s comments are valid and that fans are expecting too much from Romelu Lukaku.

Speaking to Paddy Power, Paul said: “Jose Mourinho was absolutely right to criticise the Man United fans after the Tottenham game.

“When Romelu Lukaku came to Manchester United, and he was bagging goals for fun, no one was saying a thing. Not one United fan was moaning.

“Now, he hasn’t scored in a few games and suddenly loads of fans are on his back. They need to get real.”

The Belgian’s goal drought is a bit of a concern for Mourinho and United fans as it extends before the October international break.

However, Lukaku has managed to grab two assists in that time and has led the line as best as he could, often left isolated by his teammates.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan is the guilty one for his teammate’s isolation, often losing possession and has seen his own form decline heavily since the start of the season.

While Romelu’s lack of goals can be due to an adjustment period or the aforementioned isolation, the Armenian has no real cause for his dip in performances.

Perhaps Paul Pogba‘s absence has affected the former Dortmund man than most anticipated but given Jesse Lingard‘s good displays of late, it’s a bit farfetched to say so.

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