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Manchester United target Mesut Ozil demands No.10 shirt to stay at Arsenal – report

by Leo Nieboer

Manchester United target Mesut Ozil has told Arsenal he will only consider signing a new contract if they hand him the No.10 shirt, according to reports.

Talk of a potential move to Old Trafford has surfaced ever since the German stalled on penning a new deal with Arsenal over the summer.

Manager Arsene Wenger claimed last month that, while talks were progressing well with the playmaker, there was indeed a real possibility of Ozil leaving the club on a free transfer next summer.

And according to The Sun‘s Matt Heath-Smith, Ozil has told Arsenal that he would only stay at the club beyond the summer if they hand him Jack Wilshire’s No.10 shirt to fall in line with his personal brand and the shirt he now wears for the German national side.

You may rightly feel inclined to label this story as complete and utter drivel, not worthy of anyone’s time, but at the same time this does indeed feel like something Ozil would do.

He has always been a man of craft to the very finest detail, after all. At his best he can described as poetic and blessed with a mellifluous feeling for the ball, yet the minutiae of his game could almost be seen like an algorithm: all the variables are assessed to a perfect degree, assessed again, practiced over and over again, and applied. And the number on his back of his shirt falls in line with this as well. There are no stones left unturned.

And with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the club’s No.10, likely to depart in the summer, that box will already be ticked for Ozil if he does opt for a move up north.

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