Jose Mourinho will not leave Manchester United following the 2017/18 campaign – report

by Leo Nieboer

Jose Mourinho will not depart Manchester United following the 2017/18 campaign despite reports suggesting he could join Paris Saint Germain, according to reports.

The Portuguese was reportedly contacted by the French giants over the possibility of taking over from Unai Emery next summer.

And it has been claimed by a particularly dubious tabloid that Mourinho, in light of his failure to keep up with Pep Guardiola, will indeed leave Old Trafford following the 2017/18 campaign.

But according to IBTimes’ Naveen Ullal, Mourinho will see out his contract at Man United, which expires in 2019, rather than jump ship early.

The notion that Mourinho will run away from the United job because he can’t compete with Guardiola, his arch nemesis, is abysmal even for The Sun‘s deplorable standards.

Mourinho may indeed fail at United. Winning the Europa League could prove to be the apogee, rather than a starting point, of his reign at Old Trafford. The entire Mourinho plan may implode in emphatic fashion like it has done before.

None of this we can know, but what we can say for sure is that, should Mourinho fail, it will be on his terms – nobody else’s. Mourinho’s reason for leaving will be strictly self-inflicted – a fate that only he could have ever actualised.

Because even in the face of unavoidable downfall Mourinho, in true Macbethean fashion, will always ensure that the drama surrounds him, and certainly not the bald man on blue side of Manchester.


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