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Sergio Ramos aims another dig at Jose Mourinho for his treatment of Iker Casillas

by Leo Nieboer

Sergio Ramos has aimed another dig at Jose Mourinho for his treatment of goalkeeper Iker Casillas during his time at Real Madrid.

The 54-year-old, whose relationship with the Real skipper soured as time went on, signed Diego Lopez from Sevilla in January 2013 and continued to use him even after the Spaniard recovered.

And the veteran keeper has met a similar fate under new Porto boss Sergio Conceicao, who has preferred 24-year-old Jose Sa in recent weeks.

When asked about his former teammate’s predicament, Ramos couldn’t help but hit out at Mourinho for no particular reason.

“It’s a situation that catches my attention, it surprises everyone,” he said.

“If there is something personal behind this, that I do not know, I wish him to be happy wherever he his, and you should not lose your joy; the day you lose it, you will have a problem.

“We are always in touch with jokes and nobody likes to be a substitute when they’ve always been a starter.

“I ask if the coach is Mourinho’s friend! I would not be surprised, I’ve seen this coach at a press conference and he has similar traits to Mourinho.”

Bringing politics into football is something I’m generally reluctant to do, but when it comes to Spain at this present time it feels near impossible to avoid intertwining the two.

While Gerard Pique, who has spoken effusively about his time at Old Trafford this week, stands as the figurehead for Catalan pride and, by extension, all demographics condemned to silence under the yoke of state power, Ramos can be viewed as a symbol of the exact opposite: the deep establishment of Madrid.

Under the watch of plutocrat Florentino Perez, Ramos leads Madrid’s inexorable and faceless march towards universal dominion over Spain and Europe at large. His ruthless, powerful style on the pitch mirrors that of Mr Rajoy in the political realm.

And Ramos, just like Rajoy, can never take no for answer, and that extends to how his closest friends are treated.

But with Mourinho, he did have to accept that, for once, something wasn’t going to go his way. And four years on, it still hurts, which probably says more about Ramos than anyone else.

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