What makes Manchester United such a compelling story worldwide?

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United is based in England, but they have a growing legion of fans all over the world. The casual observer might think that this is simply due to their success, but there are more successful teams in the world. In fact, Manchester United has a deep and rich history that proves they are a fairy tale institution, one which captures the imaginations of countless thousands. We’ll discuss some of this story here. Whether you’re a former player, a new fan, or someone who just wants to bet on football matches or any other sports, this information can be helpful.

Institutional Organisation and marketing

Man United is more than just a team. They have ancillary systems that help build the brand all around the world. These include:

  • International soccer schools to help develop young players all around the world.
  • Strong merchandising organization with partnerships the like of Nike and a number of major international retailers.
  • An international team of players. Manchester United doesn’t simply limit their roster to the best players from a single nation, region, or demographic.
  • Manchester United’s historical roster is stacked with greats like David Beckham.
  • There are many Man U fan clubs the team invests in, in cities the world round.
  • The team has many international sponsorships with household name brands.
  • Man U is well known for their international summer tours, where they take their players to regions of the earth other teams don’t make it to.

The English Premier League

The English Premier League is popular the world over for many reasons. For one, they have some of the most exciting and dynamic teams, like Chelsea and Arsenal. Another factor is that they are viewable almost anywhere in the world, where other leagues will not be so accessible even if they technically have more victories. Premier also features gifted players from nearly each one of the world’s countries, creating true international attention. Other leagues are not so well representative of the world population.

The Manchester United story

Few football clubs have a history so rich as that of Manchester United. A true sporting world institution, Man United has existed for more than a century. The team also has a historic tragedy the like of which almost no other team, in any sport, can equal: nearly all of the 1958 winning team was killed in a plane crash. Manchester recovered and won the European Cup just a decade later. Manchester United’s most colourful players have fans of their own, some of whom started supporting Manchester as a result. The Ferguson 90’s and 2000’s are a historical sporting period so remarkable that it’s a golden age fans still obsess about. Manchester United, finally, is one of the only teams to have won Treble – an incredible accomplishment that captures imaginations internationally to this day.

There are many reasons that Manchester United remains one of the world’s great sporting institutions. If you love MU but aren’t aware of this history, take the time to get an education on the subject. It will only increase your appreciation of the game and this great team.

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