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Frank Lampard: Jose Mourinho changed my whole outlook on football

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho doesn’t always try the hairdryer treatment when his teams are losing according to Frank Lampard.

Mourinho’s reputation for telling his players off at half time isn’t exactly as high as Sir Alex Ferguson‘s was but the Portuguese manager is known for demanding the best from his players.

This public opinion of his have led most of the media to believe that secretly, behind closed doors Jose would scream at his players should they give him any less than 100%.

The former Chelsea manager’s not so friendly attitude with the media didn’t help him either with most newspaper’s painting the picture of a frustrated boss.

However, Lampard has put an end to those rumours and has pointed out that the Premier League winning coach actually tries a different tactic when his team’s are losing at half time.

According to the Mirror, Frank said: “When he first came to the club he changed my whole outlook on football.

“It wasn’t so much tactically – he was great tactically – it was more self-confidence, how he dealt with me and how he spoke. We all know he has got that kind of arrogance and self-confidence.

“But it was one of those that even at half-time if we were losing or having a bad game, he’d come in and be like… He was first manager I ever had that didn’t come in and say ‘what you doing?’ and throw teacups at you.

“He would be like, ‘Don’t worry lads, we are going to win this. We are 2-0 down but this is going to finish 3-2’.”

Mourinho’s attitude has been known to clash with some of his more stubborn former players but so far he doesn’t have any real issues with any of the club’s current players, which will surely please the board.

Luke Shaw has felt the most of Jose’s wrath than any one of his teammates but fans are aware of an ongoing attitude problem with the young English player.

Even his former managers have criticised him with Louis Van Gaal and Mauricio Pochettino feeling the same way about Shaw.

Chris Smalling has also come under some heavy fire but has mostly responded by being quiet and keeping his head down as he works.

Otherwise there have been no serious clashes and the Red Devils’ squad have been relatively happy and United since the start of Mourinho’s reign.

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