Marcus Rashford: Winning feeling is coming back to Old Trafford

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford has insisted that the club’s winning feeling is returning once more after Sir Alex Ferguson‘s retirement.

The Red Devils have had three different manager’s since Ferguson decided to call it a day but it appears that the third time’s lucky.

David Moyes fell awfully short of the targets set by the board and Van Gaal failed to build a respectable first season.

Since then, Jose Mourinho has been hired and added trophies to United’s game with League Cup and Europa League title wins.

In his second season in charge, Mourinho has kicked off to a bright start and with the club back challenging for titles, Rashford believes the winning feeling is coming back to Old Trafford.

According to Manchester Evening News, Marcus said: “That’s [winning] what United has always been about, so it is important for us to try and get that feeling back to Old Trafford of winning.

“It’s definitely coming back, but where they were to where we are now, we’ve still got a long way to go because they were consecutively winning.

“Consecutively winning is different to winning one thing or winning two things. It’s more difficult because everybody wants to beat you.”

The young English star’s maturity is impressive and his word’s couldn’t be any truer to Manchester United’s current situation.

Having experienced a relatively successful season last year, the Red Devils have to return to the days of domination, although modern football has proven to be far trickier.

Either way, United’s fan base is unlikely to settle for anything less than title challenges every season and Jose probably feels the same too.

Old Trafford has a certain expectation and whilst last season can be celebrated, it’s important to continue winning in order to secure more trophy laden seasons in the future.

The club suffered with Paul Pogba‘s absence from the team, dropping points that allowed arch rivals Manchester City to run away eight points ahead but with the Frenchman returning against Newcastle, supporters will have plenty to shout about.

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