Paul Pogba sheds light on Jose Mourinho’s training sessions at Manchester United

by Leo Nieboer

Paul Pogba has been discussing the nature of Jose Mourinho‘s training sessions at Manchester United, noting that the Portuguese places enormous emphasis on his side’s tactical approach.

The Frenchman has made an impressive return to action following two months on the sidelines; his presence on the pitch has coincided with Mourinho’s men claiming two four goal wins in three Premier League matches.

Mourinho himself, speaking ahead of the 4-1 win over Newcastle United which saw Pogba claim a goal and an assist, noted that Man United were a different team with the 24-year-old in the middle.

And Pogba, speaking to MUTV, has shed some light on what goes on behind the scenes at Carrington under the 54-year-old’s close inspection.

“My favourite part is the game at the end of the session,” he said. “The worst is the same for everyone I think – the tactics.”

“Defensive tactics because you just have to drill, you don’t have the ball. I always learned playing with my friends.

“When you come from where I come from it was like two-vs-two, three-vs-three. It was physical and technical so I always loved it. I always loved the beautiful tekkers, the nice skills.”

As Pogba notes, the mundane tactical sessions and hours spent watching footage – thankfully not of Phil Jagielka anymore – are the least desirable aspects of the job for any footballer.

But for Mourinho and his assistants, this is the best part – the process whereby the Mourinho identity imprints itself on the squad, session by session.

This aspect, combined with the game at the end, captures Mourinho’s vision quite nicely: leaving no stones unturned and unshakeable comradeship.

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