Paul Pogba could miss more than three games following red card against Arsenal

by Leo Nieboer

Paul Pogba could face an extended ban on top of missing three games having sarcastically applauded the referee after being sent off during Manchester United’s 3-1 win over Arsenal, according to reports.

The Frenchman, who dominated proceedings in the middle at the Emirates, received his marching orders from referee Andre Marriner after going over on Hector Bellerin’s ankle with 74 minutes gone.

At the sight of receiving his first red since joining Man United, Pogba walked off and clapped sarcastically as the Emirates rejoiced in a rare positive moment against Jose Mourinho‘s side.

And according to the Telegraph‘s James Ducker, the FA will wait for Marriner’s report before deciding whether to take further action on the 24-year-old on top of the customary three game ban for his reaction to the red card, although the fact that he was walking away from the referee is likely to save him from facing any further retribution.

Missing three games feels like more than enough punishment for a foul that was, at best, poorly timed and, at worst, a bit idiotic, but these are just the rules, I guess.

Yet the very prospect of Pogba missing further games on top of that reveals, once again, how the Frenchman’s presence in the Premier League has shown this country to be more unconsciously racist than you might think.

The sight of Pogba dancing, getting a new haircut, or simply expressing himself seems to grind the gears of many to a worrying degree. His flamboyance and panache just doesn’t sit right with some people, does it? It’s almost as if the older generation feels threatened by him. On the surface, nobody has a problem with him per se, but deep down there exists for some an ominous aversion to what he supposedly represents.

Honestly, show particular people a video of Pogba being Pogba and their face will scrunch up slightly, their inner Rush Limbaugh slowly coming to the surface.

And those in the FA boardroom, watching the 24-year-old clapping as he strutted off, were going through exactly that mental process, and in 2017 this is truly upsetting to see.



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