Jose Mourinho: Victor Lindelof’s form mirrors that of the whole Manchester United team

by Harry Robinson

Jose Mourinho has admitted that Victor Lindelof’s form isn’t as consistent as it should be yet, but that it mirrors the form of Manchester United as a team.

The Portuguese signed Lindelof for just over £30m from Benfica this summer, and has eased him in very gradually to Premier League football. Lindelof played very few domestic minutes until November, playing only in the UEFA Champions League due to the style of play being more similar to the Portuguese league.

He’s now played three consecutive league games and has been assured and solid.

“He’s like the team. When the team plays well, he plays well,” Mourinho commented ahead of United’s home clash against CSKA Moscow on Tuesday night.

“When the team doesn’t play well, he doesn’t play so well. So the mistakes he had in matches were not mistakes against the level of the team. When he made mistakes it was when the team was playing bad. If the team is playing well, Victor is playing well.”

This is consistent with Mourinho’s comments throughout the season, where has refused to criticise individual players for individual mistakes in games in which United have been poor as a team overall.

It happened after the Huddersfield Town defeat where Lindelof, as well as Juan Mata, made fatal errors that led to the Terriers’ two goals and a humiliating defeat for United.

He refuses to throw his players under the bus, which is good for creating the right dressing room spirit at United.

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