Manchester United and Manchester City asked by FA to explain dressing room incident – report

by Leo Nieboer

Manchester United and Manchester City have been given until 6pm on Wednesday by the FA to respond to a request for observations following a reported dressing room clash following the derby on Saturday.

Jose Mourinho reportedly stormed into the visiting dressing room to ask Man City’s players, who were blaring music and even launching confetti as they celebrated a 2-1 win, to quieten down their celebrations to a respectful level.

The 54-year-old and goalkeeper Ederson then erupted into an argument, leading to milk being thrown at the former (only for it to hit one of his assistants), before Man United players stormed in and begun a confrontation that led to Mikel Arteta suffering a cut forehead and police having to intervene

And the FA has confirmed that they will further investigate the incident by asking the clubs to shed light on how the conflict transpired.

The event took place just outside the referee’s room but it is understood that Michael Oliver wasn’t present at the time and didn’t include it in his report.

In fairness, any team that brings confetti to a game deserves whatever comes to them. Like, somebody actually thought they’d bring confetti in preparation for a win in DECEMBER, for God’s sake. The FA should deduct points for that.

And Mourinho, in the process, has surely provided us with the perfect footballing example of raging against the dying of the light.

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