Antonio Valencia confirms injury against West Bromwich Albion wasn’t serious

by Leo Nieboer

Antonio Valencia has confirmed that his hamstring injury sustained during the 2-1 win over West Bromwich Albion wasn’t serious.

The Ecuadorian received the ball on the right hand side and immediately nudged it out of play before clutching his hamstring and looking towards the bench.

He was replaced by Marcos Rojo, and Jose Mourinho said after the game that it was a ‘December injury’ – a muscle problem linked to an accumulation of games over an short period of time.

But the 32-year-old took to social media after the game to reassure supporters that he was “fine” and wouldn’t face an extended period on the sidelines.

The omens looked decidedly bleak when Valencia, who would need something pretty significant to happen to come off, immediately looked to the bench with the expression of a man whose hamstring had gone.

Those last three words are usually tantamount with an extended period on the sidelines but supporters will be delighted to see that this instance was merely a case of the captain taking precautions after feeling something in the back of his leg.

Marcos Rojo‘s introduction at left back whilst Ashley Young moved to the right hand side reflected just how badly United need the Ecuadorian to stay fit this season.

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