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Marouane Fellaini: English football has vilified me and labelled me

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United midfielder Marouane Fellaini has claimed that his time in England has seen him become vilified by the press and gain an unwanted reputation for aggressiveness.

The Belgian has spent time at Everton and United with pundits and fans often labelling the man as a nuisance on opposition defences.

His clumsy, body-on-the-line style of play has meant that he was frequently seen as a bully of a player, even by referees.

Although he typically sees himself as a holding midfielder, manager’s opt to play him further up the pitch, almost as a destructive number 10 or on occasion as a target man striker.

Fellaini though believes he’s been treated unfairly and that his passion and determination have been mistaken for an aggressive nature that isn’t there.

According to the Daily Mail, Marouane said: “They have labelled me an aggressive player, a murderer. Look, I’m fanatical. The team that wants it the hardest wins.

“But there have been times when I came out as the villain. What should I do if they pull me by the hair? It sounds like a joke, but it really hurts.

“Last season I was suspended after the derby against City for a headbutt against Aguero. He stepped towards me and then dropped dead. But, no, I get the red.

“Players often try to provoke me but do you know how many yellow cards I collected last season? Four, in 45 matches. I’ve never destroyed someone’s career.”

Manager Jose Mourinho has previously praised Fellaini’s fight and grit, traits that have led to the Portuguese favouring him over the club’s other midfielders.

Marouane’s contract runs out in the upcoming summer, meaning he’s free to talk to foreign clubs starting from the next month.

Mourinho has already spoken about his wish to hold onto the former Everton man but there are rumours that the Belgian isn’t interested in staying at Old Trafford.

A lack of game time has been cited as the main reason as to why Marouane Fellaini wishes to move on but from his comments above it could also be due to him feeling as though his time is up in England.

Michael Carrick, Nemanja Matic, Paul Pogba, Ander Herrera and Scott McTominay all represent his positional rivals and perhaps he believes he’s not up for the task any more.

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