Marouane Fellaini hits back at pundits’ criticism, opens up on first-year struggles at Manchester United

by Harry Robinson

Marouane Fellaini claims “nothing can touch” him anymore, suggesting he has nothing left to prove in English football.

The Belgian admitted he has previously struggled at Manchester United in terms of dealing with criticism, but now has no such fears.

Fellaini has been scapegoated for some time at Man United, but is now in the best form of his Old Trafford career and earning the plaudits instead.

“I no longer need to prove anything – not in England or Belgium,” Fellaini insisted to HUMO.

“There may be criticism from all sides but nothing can touch me.”

Fellaini joined United from Everton in 2013 as David Moyes only summer signing. After a frustrating summer where United had been targeting Thiago Alcantara and Cesc Fabregas, Fellaini was already under fire before he’d even played a game.

He struggled when he was playing, and continued to be a liability under Louis van Gaal, but has excelled in 2017 under Jose Mourinho.

Fellaini opened up on his first-year struggles at United.

“Until that first year in Manchester I had never been under fire,” he said. “Suddenly it happened, and I was not good at that.

“Why should I care what an old player says about me? His time is long gone. The football world is full of hypocrisy.

“Trust me, I have seen a lot. I have experienced players who were top, but also players who have disappointed me. Players who you imagined had strong personalities, but in my eyes were weaklings.”

It’s clear Fellaini is talking about ex-players turned pundits like Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher and others on Sky, BT and BBC. It’s not the first time he’s fought back against the pundits’ criticism.

He has proved himself in England. He’s gone from scapegoat to one of the most important players at the club, popping up with vital goals in a range of competitions, performing in some big games and cutting a significant proportion of mistakes out of his game.

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