Alan Shearer: Marcus Rashford has to learn quickly to fulfil potential

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford must learn his trade quickly if he wishes to fulfil his potential according to Alan Shearer.

The young star made his debut under former manager Louis Van Gaal under unexpected circumstances in the Europa League.

Anthony Martial suffered an injury that kept him out of that match and Rashford soon made history but everyone knows that story.

Since then the pacy forward has had to get whatever minutes was thrown at him but in the unfamiliar position as a winger.

Shearer, whilst sympathetic to Marcus’ situation, believes that he must grasp any opportunity he has when given the last to lead United’s attacks.

According to Give Me Sport, Alan said: “He’s an outstanding talent with great potential, but, and I’ve got sympathy with him because he’s got to learn the hard way in the centre-forward role.

“He’s had to play left, he’s had to play right, down the middle, coming off an on as a substitute and it is difficult that way, but his movement has to be a little bit better.

“You have to take a step forward there to go back or step back to go forward; that’s what you have to do. No movement at all again.

“And this is not a criticism of him at all, I’m only giving him a little bit of advice that I hope he can take on because you have to be prepared to gamble in the box.

“When these balls are coming into the box, you’ve got to gamble and you’ve got to be a split second quicker than the defender, but by the time he realises, he’s a split second too late.

“As I said, I have got sympathy for him and I do think he will be a very, very good player. But he has to learn quickly.”

Marcus Rashford perhaps has far more competitors at the club than he might’ve anticipated he would’ve had this season.

Romelu Lukaku, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Anthony Martial represent his striker positional rivals while Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Martial once more represent his left wing positional rivals.

The young Englishman has also been squeezed out wide to the right at times and that means coming up against Juan Mata and Jesse Lingard too.

The argument can be made that the excessive numbers are hindering his development but he’s still featured more than any other Manchester United player has in the 2017 calendar year.

Perhaps the debate should be that Rashford is in need of rest in order to perform to his ultimate best.

Is it simply a coincidence that he started the season in incredible form only to recently begin to disappoint United fans?

Jose Mourinho clearly sees something in Marcus but it might be time to see that he’s in desperate need of some time off regain his best form.

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