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Ryan Giggs hits out at his critics about his managerial aspirations

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs has hit out at those who claim he’s unwilling to earn his place at the top of the managerial game.

The Welsh hero has been out of football as a player for a short while now but has never hidden his ambitions to one day lead the Red Devils out as their manager.

Giggs, who was player-coach and player manager in his last year at the club, has been unemployed since leaving United once Jose Mourinho was appointed the head coach.

The former Chelsea boss apparently offered him an opportunity to work amongst his staff but the former flying winger declined as he was gunning for the same position that Mourinho currently occupied.

Since then, the Red Devils’ icon has been on the market for a managerial position but some have claimed his refusal to work in the lower leagues is detrimental.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Ryan said: “I did an interview last week about my managerial aspirations and received some criticism because apparently I wasn’t willing to manage at a lower level.

“I didn’t say anything at all about not managing at a lower level; I said because of my experience, I’d be more suited coaching at the level which I previously played and coached.

“My critic quoted Steven Gerrard saying, in his experience, footballers want to just do their UEFA C Licence and go straight into the job.

“I did my UEFA B Licence when I was 29, my A Licence when I was 35, my Pro Licence while I was still playing and I coached at Manchester United for three years – including managing four games – so I don’t see the relevance.”

Ryan Giggs’ careful consideration in regards to his next employers has led some to believe that he’s simply waiting for the Old Trafford job to be available once more.

Although Jose’s position has come under some criticism of late, the Welshman couldn’t have predicted that would happen and was perhaps instead being patient for the Portuguese to leave on his own.

Mourinho is known to have a short life span at the clubs he manages with some people claiming he has a three year life span.

It may be that Giggs was happy to wait for three years but the other argument is that in the modern world of club’s firing their managers left and right and in incredibly short spans of time, it could be that he’s just being careful with his decision.

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