Guillem Balague: David de Gea told Spanish teammates that he was going to Real Madrid

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United star David de Gea had told his Spanish teammates that he was going to Real Madrid in that famous incident according to Guillem Balague.

The Sky Sports Spanish football expert has claimed that the shot-stopper truly believed he was a Madrid player before confusion struck.

Madrid famously attempted to sign De Gea from United with reports stating that Keylor Navas was involved with the swap but missed out on the Spaniard due to a faulty fax machine.

Official documents were not sent to the Red Devils on time with some people believing it was only a matter of seconds that saved Old Trafford from losing their best goalkeeper.

David is widely regarded as the team’s best player and they didn’t wish to lose him but Balague has added more to the story that kept him at club until even now.

According to Sky Sports, Guillem said: “David De Gea spoke to some team-mates in the national side and said ‘guys, I’m going to Madrid, it’s done’.

“So that was a bit of a clue that he thought it was going that way. But eventually Real Madrid did not push on. They tried and that will be the mystery of the century won’t it. Why were they late when they sent that fax? Why?

“Were they looking like they were trying to get him but they didn’t because they didn’t really want to spend that kind of money when his contract was finishing?

“Or were they really so terrible at bureaucracy that they got it late by seconds? Nobody can answer that one.

“But what’s interesting is what happened after. De Gea thinks ‘right they’re coming now’ but he renews his contract with Manchester United, thinking they still will come. And after renewing the contract Real Madrid started cooling the whole thing down.”

It’s a credit to David de Gea that he’s since been able to move on from the mess and still perform to a high level without forcing a move out of Manchester United.

As Balague states, he renewed his contract instead and reinstated his commitment to the club despite rumours constantly linking him to the Spanish capital.

In fact, some fans would argue that De Gea has gotten better since the embarrassment and it becomes even more difficult to imagine what could’ve been.

Navas meanwhile has every reason to be happy with remaining at Madrid due to their ridiculous trophy haul last season under Zinedine Zidane’s leadership.

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