John Terry: Manchester United’s Jose Mourinho knew how to get the best out of players

by Marwan Harraz

Former Chelsea legend John Terry has claimed that Manchester United’s current manager Jose Mourinho knows how to get the best out of his players.

The veteran has a great working relationship with the Portuguese boss since the pair worked together at Stamford Bridge on two separate occasions.

Under Mourinho is when Terry arguably excelled most in his career due to the level of trust they both had for each other.

With the sly manager now in charge of the Red Devils, the towering centre-back has often recalled past experiences and spoked about why he believes Jose can lead them to glory.

Speaking on Jose’s influence though, the now Aston Villa man recalls from his own experiences how the United boss pushes players buttons.

According to Four Four Two, John said: “There was a couple of times I was injured, not available for a couple of games coming up. Jose would come in, he wouldn’t even speak to me in the treatment room. He’d go around and speak to everybody, and walk out of the room and leave me.

“I swear, as captain of the football club, I was there thinking: ‘Why has he not spoken to me?’. I said to the physio: ‘I’m training tomorrow. I can’t have the manager not speaking to me.’ He knew exactly what he was doing.

“He knew how to press my buttons, but he also knew when to give me a cuddle, when to tell me I was the best, when to tell the press that me, Frank, Didier, Petr, Ashley were the best players in the world. Were we the best in the world? Probably not. But he made you feel like you were.”

Many critics of Jose Mourinho have claimed that he’s out of touch with modern football and lost his ‘special’ touch, partly down to his failures at Chelsea in his last season at the club.

Reports have claimed though that the former Real Madrid manager was betrayed by his players and it’s hard to imagine that it was anything else that aided their steep decline due to his previous successes elsewhere.

At Manchester United, Mourinho has been able to extract the best out of several players, particularly ones that neutrals used to consider as ‘average’.

Antonio Valencia, Ashley Young and Jesse Lingard all spring to mind in terms of how he’s changed their careers in a positive manner but there are plenty others who can also testify to that.

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