Ian Wright: Jose Mourinho was wrong for taking on Paul Scholes

by Marwan Harraz

Former Arsenal man Ian Wright has blasted Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho for taking on Paul Scholes after the recent comments between the pair.

Scholes had felt the full force of Mourinho’s wrath after criticising French star Paul Pogba for his displays in the famous red shirt.

Having been a midfielder himself, the United legend claimed that Pogba could do more for the club if he played the same way he did for his former team Juventus.

Jose hit back by saying that Paul was a fantastic footballer but that he’s a poor pundit for always only ever criticising the Red Devils.

Wright, who’s currently working as a pundit too, believes that the Portuguese manager shouldn’t have gone after someone who’s as loved as the ginger club legend.

According to the Express, Ian wrote in his column in the Sun: “By turning his guns on Paul Scholes, as he did a few days earlier, Mourinho put himself on very dodgy ground.

“They always say you should pick your battles wisely. And taking on arguably THE best loved of the Class of 92 is one Jose will lose hands down every day of the week.

“Never mind skating on thin ice. This was doing so with a rucksack full of bricks. And believe me, you don’t want your own fans turning on you.

“Scholes is one of those footballing rarities who is not just respected and admired by followers of his own club, but pretty much everyone, all over the world.

“United fans love Scholes because he is one of them — a local guy who wants success as much as them and is cut from the same cloth.

“Now he’s a pundit, Scholes says it as he sees it. And it’s all based on him wanting to see trophies at Old Trafford. And when it comes to the last of those, Jose has fallen way, way short with this outburst.”

Jose Mourinho‘s comments on Paul Scholes may have been a little harsh but they were a little justified when considering all aspects of both sides.

The former academy product has had a tendency to criticise his boyhood club, even during Louis Van Gaal‘s era where he managed to put serious pressure on the Dutch manager.

Whilst Mourinho was undoubtedly trying to protect his player, he was also perhaps trying to protect himself from unnecessary criticism, especially given the success he’s enjoyed with Manchester United so far.

The question does have to be asked- would Scholes be criticising United so much if the man who was leading it was his beloved friend Ryan Giggs?

Some fans believe Paul is trying to get an under-fire Jose sacked so that Giggs could get the job and perhaps install the midfielder as one of the club’s coaches. Is that so far-fetched?

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