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Rudi Voller offers Manchester United hope in Leon Bailey chase

by Marwan Harraz

Bayer Leverkusen sporting director Rudi Voller has offered Jose Mourinho‘s Manchester United some hope in their chase of talented youngster Leon Bailey.

The Red Devils have been searching for a quality winger to join their ranks and may have to turn towards potential instead of proven talent.

United’s owners believe they’ve backed Mourinho enough in the transfer market despite his claims that they’re being outspent by rival clubs.

If the Portuguese manager is forced to buy on a budget then Bailey would represent a good option to invest in with all things considered.

Voller didn’t exactly tell Jose to come and buy one of his best players but he didn’t shut the door on dealing with transfers, even name dropping Leon.

According to Goal, Rudi said to Die Welt: “At Bayer, we have had players who have aroused great interest and are on the wish list of other clubs for years.

“That’s why it does not catch us off guard. It would be bad if it did. We are relaxed. The only club that can say no – and would do so – if a player attracted interest is Bayern Munich.

“We and other clubs have to give in. There are limits you can reach, but that’s a theme of our policy, independent of Leon Bailey.

“If there is a need for discussion, we all sit down and decide what is best, while also keeping other alternatives open.”

Much has been made of Manchester United’s lack of width during games and it’s no surprise that Jose Mourinho had targeted a winger since last summer.

Talk of one of Antoine Griezmann, Gareth Bale or Ivan Perisic joining the club seemed to indicate that Mourinho was looking for top proven talent.

With none of the above players joining, it could be that the reports of United board refusing to shell out big after already spending on Romelu Lukaku could be true.

It’s also no surprise that the Red Devils have turned towards cheaper alternatives since and perhaps Leon Bailey would represent an option considering how his club is willing to talk business.

Jose has already proven himself to be more open to the idea of youngsters featuring for his side than most people have accused him of previously.

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