Jose Mourinho blames Chelsea boss Antonio Conte for the pair’s war of words

by Harry Robinson

Jose Mourinho has blamed Antonio Conte for the managerial pair’s public spat in recent weeks.

The Manchester United boss has clashed significantly with Conte in a number of press conferences, with insults flying and criticisms regular.

Mourinho, though, insisted their vocal coming together is over, but didn’t leave it at that, claiming Conte should apologise.

“When I start [the war of words], I take the responsibilities of that, and I’ve started many times.

“When I don’t start it’s quite funny for me to see other people on the other side acting like victims when they’re not the victims. But, really, I don’t enjoy. That’s why, for me, it’s over.”

The Portuguese used the example of him apologising to Premier League title-winning boss Claudio Ranieri after he had mocked his inability to pick up English perfectly during his tenure at Chelsea.

“Sometimes it’s my fault. Sometimes it’s other managers’ fault. In my case, when I think it’s my fault and I should behave in a different way I’m the first one to apologise, like I did with Ranieri when I had the chance.

“That’s when our relations went from bad to good and from good to very good, because I was man enough to apologise.”

Conte brought up the example of Ranieri previously, and it’s likely Mourinho saw that and used it to his favour this time.

While Mourinho has been the aggressor in the past, on many, many occasions, it appears this time that it wasn’t his fault. Conte responded to a general jibe by Mourinho to the rest of the league’s top teams, and described Mourinho as “senile”, “fake” and as “small man.”

Mourinho, meanwhile, brought up Conte’s involvement in the Juventus match-fixing scandal back in Italy, a low blow that made the back pages.

It seems very unlikely that Conte will apologise, and should make for a good game between United and Chelsea when they meet later this season.

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