Louis van Gaal explains how resentful he was after Manchester United sacking

by Harry Robinson

Louis van Gaal has explained the extent to which he wanted to have vengeance on Manchester United after his sacking in 2016.

The Dutchman was relieved of his duties at Man United just days after guiding the Reds to the FA Cup, their first trophy since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013.

Throughout his last six months, he was criticised heavily amid rumours of Jose Mourinho taking over the helm at Old Trafford, which of course he eventually did.

Van Gaal stayed quiet for a long time after his sacking, but has come out in a series of severe criticisms of the club, and particularly of Executive Vice-Chairman Ed Woodward.

The former-Ajax, FC Barcelona, AZ Alkmaar, Bayern Munich and Netherlands manager admitted he had an offer to go into national management once more with Belgium.

“It would have been really great if I had become Belgium national coach, but I was so resentful and vindictive that I let that job go by,” Van Gaal said, speaking to De Volkskrant.

“It was stupid, really, because the sporting value should always come in the first place. That should have been the most important thing. But that’s how I looked at things. It was not about money. It was all about the act of revenge.”

Van Gaal would have received less money from United from the agreement that followed his sacking if he had taken another job in football management.

“I went for my instinct, not the rational,” van Gaal said. “I just have to live with that. I’ve been a really successful manager, so I don’t want to slag the world of football down. I have had a lot of good times.”

Continuing with his attack on the club, van Gaal said, “the way Manchester United have treated me was terrible. They have been mean and low. In contrast, the way president [Joesp Lluis] Nunez of Barcelona treated me was fantastic.

“That proves that the world of football is not full of false people. There are also straight and warm people among those people.”

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